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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winn Dixie Shop (a mere 26% savings)

This was not a big savings shop except for the BBQ sauce. It was on sale for a buy one, get one free deal at $1.69 a piece. I used 2 45 cent coupons which doubled to 90 cents which means Winn Dixie paid me 11 cents to take home the BBQ sauce.

I also picked picked up the BBQ charcoal for free since I purchased the foil for $4.49 which .50 cents. The buns were on sale for a $1/package.

Total: $25.60
Total savings as noted on receipt: $9.30

Reward Card Savings: $7.05
Manuf. Coupon Savings: $1.35
Multiple Coupon Savings: $.90

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