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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Publix 5/31 - 47% savings

I had to take advantage of a few BOGO offers from Publix before they expired today.
  • 2 Pillsberry toaster strudels (these came with .60 peelies, but I chose not to use them because I had a .50 off coupon which Publix will double to $1. If I used the .60 peelie, Publix would not have doubled it).
  • 2 Lawry Marinades BOGO and used .50 off coupons which doubled to a $1. Made them .37 each!
  • 2 Luigi Italian Ice. BOGO. I also picked up a raincheck on this item since I got the last 2. My kids love this stuff, but it is expensive at full price.
  • Oscar Mayers Beef Franks BOGO
  • 2 lunchables for the kids
  • Publix Pizza Rolls (I had planned on getting the name brand, but they were way too expensive even with my coupons. I'll have to pick them up from WalMart unless Publix puts them on sale too)
  • Lloyds BBQ Pork BOGO and used 2 .75 off coupons
Total cost before savings and coupons: $46.07, I paid $24.39

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