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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Capri Sun (53% off at

Yes, sales grocery products. Picked up these for $7.03 per box. 4 packs of 10 juice paks come in a box.

Publix Trip 4/27 (56% savings)

This was my basic BOGO Publix trip picking up the penny item along the way. I picked up the following items:
  • (2) Tyson Chicken Nuggets (B1G1) (Used (2) $1 off coupons)
  • (2) BBQ Sauce (B1G1)
  • Hebrew National Beef Franks
  • Honey Buns
  • Publix Iced Tea (Mystery penny item)

Total out pocket cost: $10.94
Savings: $13.89

To see my progress so far this month visit:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Winn Dixie 15 Powerades for $7

Winn Dixie is still running their 10 Powerades for $10, plus you get an additional 5 Powerades free. I also used 3 $1 off coupons.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old Navy One Day Wonder Sale (37% savings)

Picked up these polo shirts for $6 a piece. Regular price is $9.50.

Hurry, this is a one day sale at Old Navy.

Rite Aid Trip 04/22 (122% savings)

Rite Aid 4/22

Took advantage of the (3) 12pk for $9.99 + $3 UP+ Reward back (Reg: 5.19/each)

2 Rite Aid 13 Gallon trash bags with drawstrings (BOGO) (Reg: $5.49)

2 rolls of aluminum foil at $1/each

Used $5 Up+Rewards, and $10 Up+Rewards

Total out of pocket expense: $2.48
Savings $11.07 + $15.00 Up+ Rewards

And took home $6 in Up+rewards

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walgreens 4/21 (91% savings)

This Walgreen's haul cost me $2.98 out of pocket (before tax).
  • King Hawaiian Sweet rolls - $1.98 (reg. $2.99)
  • 3M Scotch Tape - $1.99 (used Buy 1, get 2 free coupon and a $1/1 off coupon)
  • 5 12pk Coke products - 5/$13
  • Used $13 in Walgreens RR
My totals savings was $30.93

Winn Dixie 4/21 (39% savings)

Winn Dixie 4/21

1 Ginger Ale $1 (Reg. $1.79)
3 Pepsi $1/ea (Reg. $1.79/ea)
2 Twinkies $5 (Reg. $3.99/ea)
1 Capri Sun Cooler ($2.75, reg $3 and got the Nasbisco Snack for free with purchase)
10 PowerAid ($10) + 5 free wyb 10

Total before savings: $35.53
Savings: $13.78
Total: $21.75

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CVS Trip 4/19 (Allegra HOT Deal) (64%-79% savings)

Since I had 5 issues of the 4/17 Smart Source inserts, it's hard to give up the $7 Allegra coupon this week, so I went by CVS to use them up.

Here are my transactions:
  • (2) Easter candy .50 reg price .87
  • (2) Easter candy .99 reg price 1.50
  • Allegra $9.99 reg price $13.79 (used $7 off coupon also)
  • Visine A Eyedrops $6.99 (used $2 off coupon and $2 off CVS coupon)
Total savings: 64%

#2 and #3 were identical
  • Allegra $9.99 reg price $13.79 (used $7 off coupon also)
Total savings: 79% off

Walgreens 4/19 (110% savings includes Register Rewards)

Picked up these goodies from Walgreens
  • Gillette Fusion Razor ($9.99, used $4 off Smart Source Coupon, and received $4 RR. Real cost: $1.99!).
  • Nasogel Dry Noses ($4.99, used $1.50 off peelie coupon and received $5 RR, so Walgreen's paid me to take this home with me)
  • Splenda (This one was most interesting. The item is not listed on sale in the circular nor is the sale price listed on the shelf). It goes regular for $5.49. It was on sale for $2.99. There were $3/1 coupons in the 4/17 SS inserts and you receive $4 in RR, so once again Walgreen's pays you to take these items home with you!

Publix Trip 4/19 (Free Ketchup) (100.31% savings!)

I used coupons at Publix to buy the ketchup which was on sale for $1.99 each! Regular price: $3.19!

My son was out of school sick yesterday, so I stayed home with him. While I home, I got notification that Heinz was giving way 57,000 $2/1 coupons. I managed to get 4 of them. The site was out of coupons within 2 hours.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Publix Trip 4/18 (Saved 27% on Texas Toast)

Went by Publix to fill a prescription and picked up one item. New York Texas Toast. It was 2.89, used .40 off coupon which Publix doubled to .80 cents.

Total cost: $2.09
Original cost: $2.89
Savings: 27%

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Publix Trip 4/17 (Saved 50%)

Picked up the following items:
  • Bounty Napkins
  • Bounty Paper Towels (didn't need them, but needed to buy them to get the deal with the napkins)
  • Publix Bread
  • Publix Milk (I don't know what kind of cows Barber's Milk company use, because it costs more!)
  • Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon (BOGO free, then used $1 Publix coupon)
This receipt confuses me. I was under the impression that I needed to buy the Bounty Basic to get the napkins free, but it appears that I needed to buy the Napkins to get the Paper Towels free. I was upfront with the cashier when I told her, "You don't have the 200 count Bounty Napkins, so I got the 160 count instead. Is that ok?" She said, it was fine.

Here are the results:
Store coupon savings: $9.79
Special price savings: $ 6.98
Total Savings: $16.77

My cost: $13.48 (50% savings)

WinnDixie Trip 4/17 (79% savings)

Took advantage of Winn Dixie's make a meal offer this week. It consisted of the following:

Purchase 6 Totino's pizzas for $10 and get the following
  • Free Italian Ice
  • Free Cheese Sticks
  • Free Little Debbie Snack
  • Free Hawaiian Punch
Well, thanks to the Birmingham Bargain Mom, I was able to sweeten the deal with 4 /.50 off coupons which Winn Dixie doubles to $1! Total cost: $3.74 for all of this!

As a side note, my receipt states that I have saved $1,750.11 with my customer rewards card!

CVS Trip 4/17 (Allegra HOT Deal) (74% savings)

CVS has a great deal on Allegra this week. It was very interesting. The pharmacist recommended that I use their $2 off coupon to purchase the product. That reminded me that I saw a $7 off coupon in the paper this morning and I happened to just purchase 2 additional copies of the newspaper so make the deal at Rite Aid, where Rite Aid basically paid me to take home the Nivea Men's Bodywash. I had the those papers in the car!

The Allegra retails for $14.29. This week it is on sale for $9.99, use the $7 coupon in the 4/17 issue of Smart Source and you walk out with the product for $2.99! That helps since Allegra is now over the counter and we pay a lot more for it (out of pocket) since it is no longer covered by insurance.

One caveat, the coupon says, one coupon per transaction. So, I purchased one at the pharmacy desk and one at the front counter!

Rite Aid Trip 04/17 (86% savings)

Usually my Rite Aid trips are on Thursdays, but today had such great deals, I made the effort to make it over there this morning. I got there around 11:30 and many of the shelfs were already going bare. I didn't get a chance to get everything I wanted, but the trip was still a success.

Here are my results:
  • 4 Nivea Active 3 body wash for men $3.99 sale (Reg. price 4.99), used 4 / $3.00 off coupon in today's paper and received $5 in UP+ rewards. Rite Aid basically paid me to take these home with me! Needless to say, after I got mine, another lady in the store ended up clearing off the shelf of this item, but there were only 3 left when I got my 4.
  • 2 Zip Lock Freezer bags 2/$5 (Reg. price 1/$3.99), then used 2/$1.25 off coupons (4/3 Smart Source insert)
  • 2 Zip Lock Sandwich bags 2/$5 (Reg. price 1/$2.99), then used 1/$1.25 off coupon (4/3 Smart Source insert)
  • 2 Purex (3IN1 Sheets), buy one, get one free, then used Rite Aid video coupon $1 off
  • 2 Latex Gloves, Buy one, get one free
  • Four 10 Inch Dixie Plates, buy one, get one free, then used Rite Aid video coupon $2 off
  • Two 13 gallon trash bags, buy one, get one free
  • Neutrogena Body Wash for women (this one buy one, get one 50% off, but since they only had one left, they let me get it at 50% off!)
Because I purchased more than $10 with the video rewards program, I got to use an additional $2 off coupon and since I purchased more than $30 in home products, I got an additional $10 in UP+ rewards.

I also used $2 UP+rewards to pay for the items along with all the coupons.

Full retail value of the products, I purchased today before sale and discounts: $90.21
After sale and coupons, my total out of pocket cost: $30.36
My real cost (since I received $18 in UP+ rewards): $12.36!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Target 4/16 MiniTrip (37% savings)

  • Kleenex hand towels. $2.99 each (used the insert in last Sundays paper for a B2G1 free deal)
The Kleenex hand towels was an interesting find. I went to Target to pick these up. After searching the store for the items, I finally asked an associate for help. She knew she had seen the item, but couldn't remember where they were. She asked another associate for help, she was also unable to find it. Then she asked another associate for help, she said the store was out of item, but as I was leaving another associate who was holding a scanner stopped me and asked what I was looking for. She found the item in the scanner - aisle W-24 Hoover, AL Target (By the way, this is the largest Target Supercenter in the nation) .

We went down the aisle and couldn't find the item at first. Then, we discovered the boxes tucked away between two large bags of paper towels. I picked up three and as I walked away another customer asked me, where did you find those, I've been looking all around for them. She picked up the rest of them that was left. There were only a few left, so it's not like she was a shelf clearer type shopper.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Publix Trip 4/15 (Saved 37%)

Picked up the following: (All of it is not shown in the photo because we ate some of it before the photo was taken, waiting out the recent storm we got hungry)
  • Mini Croissants $3.99 saved .70
  • 2 Dole Pineable B1G1 $1.69
  • 16 oz plastic cupss $2.59 (no deal here, but my son has strep, so he'll be using those)
  • 2 Wesson Cooking oil B1G1 $4.29
  • 2 Oscar Mayer Sandwich Meals (came with a $1 peelie sticker)
  • 3 Oscar Mayer Lunch-ables with Fruit (used 3 $1 off coupons)
  • 2 Lays Classic B1G1 (used the Publix coupon for $1 off Lays potato chips - expired today)
  • 3 Ore Ida Crispers (use the Publix coupon for B2G1 - expired today)
Order before savings: $54.92, after coupons/savings, $34.37. Total savings $20.55!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

WalMart Trip 4/14 (25% savings!)

Here's how this deal worked. I had a coupon for every item shown.
  • (2) Used .50/1 off printable coupons for the peanut butter
  • Used .50/2 off printable coupons for the pop tarts
  • (2) Used .50/2 off printable coupons for the Fruit Roll Ups/Gushers
  • (2) Used $1/2 Kids Cuisine meals
  • (2) Used $1/1 toaster stroudles (this made them .98 each!)
  • Used $1/2 Marie Callender meals
Total cost before coupons $32.60, after coupons $24.60!

Rite Aid Trip 04/14 (83% savings)

These are the results of my lunchtime Rite Aid trip today. I tend to go by Rite Aid at lunchtime because it is near my office and the traffic isn't quite as bad during that time. Also, Thursday is their restock day so they are more likely to have the sale items. This particular Rite Aid tends to run out of sale items very quickly. If you get there too late on a Sunday, all the sale items have been cleaned off the shelves.
  • 2 Soft Scrub @ 2.50/each (reg. price: $4.49), got $1.00 UPR wyb 2 and used (2) $1/1 Soft Scrub Total Product, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 03/13/11)
  • 2 Gillete Body Wash @ 2.99 (reg. price: $4.99), Got $2 +UP (limit 2) and used the B1G1 Gillette Bodywash, exp. 4-30-11 (P&G 04/03/11)
  • 2 Rite Aid Bandages (reg. Price: $2.99), it was on sale B1G1
I ended up with $5 UP reward bucks, my total out of pocket cost was 10.10, therefore my real cost was $5.10! Regular price of the items I purchased today: $24.94, my total out of pocket cost $10.10, my real cost after UP Reward bucks: $5.10! Savings of 80% / $19.84 (or 60%/$14.84 not including the UP Reward bucks, but the reward bucks are cash money)
During the same trip, I created a second transaction where I took $2 of the UP Reward Bucks I received and purchased 1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for $1.01. The product was $2.79 (-$2 up+rewards). Of course, you have to pay sales tax on the regular price before the rewards are applied.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/13 CVS Trip

This is from my most recent CVS trip. I had a CVS coupon that printed out when I picked up my son's prescription on Sunday that gave me $4 off any $20 purchase and $9.50 in ECB. One of the coupons expired today so I had to take advantage of it. Not doing so felt like just throwing money away. Something that is just not cool!

I ended up picking up the ceral. It was on sale for $1.66 per box (reg. price $4.39) ! I also threw in some Orange Slice candies to satisfy my sweet tooth. I spotted a sale in CVS that I didn't see in my initial ad scan. They were selling the Air Wick iMotion scented oil room air fresheners for only $5 (reg. price: $10.79), but here's the kicker, you buy $20 worth of these products and you get $10 ECB back! It's like a buy 2, get 2 free deal! I got 4 of them.

My total out of pocket cost tonight for all of these goodies was $13.59, and I walked away with 2 more deals. I got $10ECB back from my purchase, plus $2 off Visine Eye Drops. This caused the 'Game Changer'.

On my next Rite Aid trip, I had planned on getting Visine from there and using the $2 manufacturer coupon; however, since CVS is giving me a $2 off coupon AND I can stack with the manufacturer coupon, I may end up walking out with the eye drops for nothing. So, when you consider that I received $12 in coupons that I WILL use, my real cost for this trip came out to be ($13.59 - $10 - $2 = $1.59!)

Now that's a deal! My register receipt is showing a total savings of $45.45! Not bad for $13.59 out of pocket with a real cost of $1.59!

The air fresheners are a great deal at over 50% off and the fact that they only activate when it detects movement 15 feet from the device, it will work great in a room that isn't used very often. No need in scenting a room nobody is ever in. (Maybe that's just the practically of a man speaking)