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Monday, May 16, 2011

Rack Room (BOGO? false advertising)

Today, I decided to buy the boys some shoes since they sent me a text message on my phone which stated the following:

BOGO @ Rack Room plus $10 off $60 purchase #30934,24570 thru 5/16/11. 1/trans Cant b combined w/ other offers or for gift cards Other exclusions apply
To me this meant: Buy one, get one free plus $10 off $60 purchase.

During checkout this is what happened:

Felix Shoes (Sketchers) : 42.58
  • Original price: $49.99
  • $10 off $60: -7.41
BitzRocket - Z : 14.89
  • Original price: $44.99
  • Summer BOGO Event: -10.00
  • $10 off $60: -2.80
  • 50.0% off: -17.50
Total: 57.47

I questioned the cashier because I was thinking in my mind I would get the first set of shoes for $49.99, then get the second pair of shoes free. I never expected the $10 off since my order didn't exceed $60. He said the offer meant, Buy one, get one for 50% off. The deal as still ok and the boys needed the shoes, so we got them.

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