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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Publix 5/31 - 47% savings

I had to take advantage of a few BOGO offers from Publix before they expired today.
  • 2 Pillsberry toaster strudels (these came with .60 peelies, but I chose not to use them because I had a .50 off coupon which Publix will double to $1. If I used the .60 peelie, Publix would not have doubled it).
  • 2 Lawry Marinades BOGO and used .50 off coupons which doubled to a $1. Made them .37 each!
  • 2 Luigi Italian Ice. BOGO. I also picked up a raincheck on this item since I got the last 2. My kids love this stuff, but it is expensive at full price.
  • Oscar Mayers Beef Franks BOGO
  • 2 lunchables for the kids
  • Publix Pizza Rolls (I had planned on getting the name brand, but they were way too expensive even with my coupons. I'll have to pick them up from WalMart unless Publix puts them on sale too)
  • Lloyds BBQ Pork BOGO and used 2 .75 off coupons
Total cost before savings and coupons: $46.07, I paid $24.39

Monday, May 30, 2011

CVS Shop 90% Savings

$60.72 worth of goods for only $5.54! Wow!

I received a $5 off $25 CVS coupon that expired today, so I had to use it. Not doing so felt like lost money.

I was saddened to learn that that Nestle Water that CVS had advertised on sale was being substituted with another brand of water which my wife doesn't care for, so that was a lost cause, but I will be looking into other CVS stores in the area for the sale.

I ended up purchasing the following:
  • 2 Tide Original for $5.94 ($2.45 savings)
  • 2 Sparkle Paper towels $4.99 ($4.30 savings)
  • 2 CVS 13 gal kitchen bags (Buy one, get one free $8.49 savings)
  • 2 CVS 30 gal bags (Buy one, get one ree $4.19 savings)
Used $5 off email coupon
Used $24 off ECB from the Revlon Nail Polish deal I did earlier

Total out of pocket cost $5.54

Total savings as noted on the receipt $55.18

Current savings here!

Walgreens - many items misrang (58% savings)

There were several items today that didn't ring up correctly at Walgreens.
  • The RightGuard body wash is advertised as buy one, get one free. It rang up as buy one, get one 50% off
  • The Oscar Mayer bacon was advertised as buy one, get one free. It didn't ring up as such.
  • The microwave popcorn was .25, but it rang up as .99
  • The Kellogg's Poptarts were $1.99, but rang up as $2.99
  • The Kingfords lighter fluid also rang up incorrectly
My total cost for this trip was $29.15

Summary of trip:
  • Kellog's cereal $1.99 (Reg: $4.69)
  • Pop tarts $1.99
  • Dixie Plates $2.99 BOGO = Buy one, get one free
  • Oscar Mayer Bacon $3.99 BOGO
  • Pantyliners ($1/2 coupon)
  • Wal-Zyr (generic Zyrtec) $14.99 BOGO
  • Kingfords lighter fluid ($1.99)
  • Goodies powder $1.50, received $1.50 in RR (so this was free)
  • Rightguard Bodywash $4.99 BOGO (I had a raincheck for a BOGO which should have made it free, but with all the other issues we were having at the register today, I didn't push the issue. I'll use the raincheck later with a cents off coupon)
  • Scotts paper towels ($3.99, used $1.00 coupon)
  • Popcorn $.25
I used $13.00 in Register Rewards from a previous shop

And the register receipt says:
WAG Coupon Savings: .98
WAG Advertised Savings: $26.09
MFG Advertised Savings: $14.00

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winn Dixie Shop (a mere 26% savings)

This was not a big savings shop except for the BBQ sauce. It was on sale for a buy one, get one free deal at $1.69 a piece. I used 2 45 cent coupons which doubled to 90 cents which means Winn Dixie paid me 11 cents to take home the BBQ sauce.

I also picked picked up the BBQ charcoal for free since I purchased the foil for $4.49 which .50 cents. The buns were on sale for a $1/package.

Total: $25.60
Total savings as noted on receipt: $9.30

Reward Card Savings: $7.05
Manuf. Coupon Savings: $1.35
Multiple Coupon Savings: $.90

Friday, May 27, 2011

Murphy Oil USA $2 off $25 deal!

MurphyOil has a $2 off $25 gas purchase through Memorial Day. Be sure to pick up your free gas. It's like getting a 9% discount on gas when you buy $25 worth. For me gas was $3.589/gal, but I paid $3.279 a gallon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Walgreen's Bayer Deal (Free!)

I had to search 3 Walgreens before I found one that the shelf clearer's hadn't hit. I ended up getting the last one. It was a bottle of Bayer Aspirin. It was a 24 cnt, and it was a get 100% more free deal for $3.49. I used the $2 off coupon in this months Walgreen's book and a $1.50 off coupon from (Thanks CommonSenseWithMoney). So, it was like this item was double free!

Since I didn't want to deal with Walgreen's telling me I couldn't checkout because the value of my coupons was greater than my purchase, I bought a $1 pack of cookies. The kids will enjoy them!

CVS shop (100.16% off nail polish!)

Picked up 6 Revlon Nail polishes for the wife, not myself!
Used 3 $1/1 Revlon Nail Enamel coupons from the 4/10/11 Smart Source Sunday paper inserts.
They were on sale for $4.99 each and you received $4 in Extra Care Bucks each (limit 6).
This brought the price down to .99 per bottle of nail polish.
I also used $3 in Extra Care Bucks from previous shops.

My total was $23.94. I received $24 in extra care bucks so my real cost was -.06.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CVS Trip 60% savings (5/23)

Purex $1.98 each (saved 4.31 each) and used $1 /off coupon.
Cola Products were buy 3 get 1, turned out to cost 4/$10.
Purchased reusable shopping bad $1.99
Scanned my CVS card at the Redbox inside and got a coupon for a screen bag card that I can scan each time I go. Everytime it scans 4 times, I get 1 ECB.

Total savings: $21.58
Total cost out of pocket: 13.94

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walgreens (62% savings) 5/19

A few lessons were learned from this trip. The number of coupons+rewards rewards cannot exceed the item count. For this reason it pays to buy something cheap (in this case, .38 M&Ms) to use a $5 Register Reward. Also, if this case occurs again, be sure to use the higher dollar register rewards before the lower dollar ones except in cases where the higher dollar register reward will exceed your total cost of your purchases.
  • Scott Naturals Paper Towels. $5 Reg, used 3/$1.50 off coupons
  • 1/2 gal milk (no coupons)
  • BOGO Kleenex tissue - store sale
  • BOGO Off! Product - coupon and used $1 off Walgreen's coupon (paid $7.99 for 2)
  • Gillette Razor (Reg. 12.49, on sale for $9.99, used $4 off coupon in 5/1 P&G and received $5 RR)
  • 2 Mars M&M products
  • 1 Srg Jr dpr (Sticks and Cheese dip)
Total Savings: $37.98
Earned: $5 RR
Total paid: $22.52

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rite Aid (Diaper deal) 73% effective savings

No, we do not have a need for diapers, but my cousin does. She is expecting so I'll do what I can to help her stock up on some needed items.

Picked up 2 packs of Huggies at RiteAid. On sale for $10, Reg $11.99. Then when you buy at least $20 worth of diapers, you get $5 UP+ rewards!

Also used 2 $3.50 off coupons.

And picked up 1 Breathe Right strips. Used the Rite Aid free coupon for it.

Full price: $29.97
My cost: 13.00 and received $5 in UP+ rewards

More more info see my spreadsheet.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rack Room (BOGO? false advertising)

Today, I decided to buy the boys some shoes since they sent me a text message on my phone which stated the following:

BOGO @ Rack Room plus $10 off $60 purchase #30934,24570 thru 5/16/11. 1/trans Cant b combined w/ other offers or for gift cards Other exclusions apply
To me this meant: Buy one, get one free plus $10 off $60 purchase.

During checkout this is what happened:

Felix Shoes (Sketchers) : 42.58
  • Original price: $49.99
  • $10 off $60: -7.41
BitzRocket - Z : 14.89
  • Original price: $44.99
  • Summer BOGO Event: -10.00
  • $10 off $60: -2.80
  • 50.0% off: -17.50
Total: 57.47

I questioned the cashier because I was thinking in my mind I would get the first set of shoes for $49.99, then get the second pair of shoes free. I never expected the $10 off since my order didn't exceed $60. He said the offer meant, Buy one, get one for 50% off. The deal as still ok and the boys needed the shoes, so we got them.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walgreens (69% savings)

  • 3 Gillette Body Wash. 3/$10, used 3/$2 off coupons, and received $3 RR. Made it $1 for all 3
  • 3 Scotch Magic Tape. $1.99 B1G2 free. Used 3 $1 off coupons. Overage of $1.01 on these.
  • 2 Colgate ProClinical 2/$6, used 2 .75 coupons and received $4 RR. Made it .50 for the toothpaste (not free, but I'll take it)
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor $9.89, used $4 off coupon from 5/1 P&G insert, and received $5 RR. Made it .89!!! (WOW!)
  • Dove Men's Care Deodorant $3.99, received $3 in RR makes it $.99 (the coupon I had didn't match up, but I'll take it for .99)
  • Off! Mosquito Repellent Clip on Starter Kit $8.99, used B1G1 free coupon and received $1 RR! (Huge savings here! Go to for your buy one get one free coupon)
  • Finish automatic dish washing detergent $3.49, used .50 off coupon and received $1.50 in RR. Makes it $1.49
  • Hefty One Zip bags ($3.29). These were buy one get one free. The coupon databases listed a coupon for these in the 2/20 issue of Red Plum, but I was unable to find it. Maybe it is not available in our market area.
  • Oscar Mayer Lunchables 2/$3, received $1RR when you buy 2.
I then used $9 in RR that were set to expire today. This brought my total out of pocket expense to $26.64 for all of this! I also received $13.50 in RR for my next trip!

The receipt reads as follows:
  • WAG Coupon Savings: $3.98 (for the magic tape)
  • WAG Advertised Savings: $23.32
  • MFG Coupon Savings: $32.99
  • Your total savings: 60.29!
A few side notes: The Walgreens I went to doesn't put the sale price on all the items that are on sale so I spent quite a bit of time rechecking the sale paper just to be sure I had the right items. Also, I also planned on getting the buy one, get one free Kleenex, but I guess a shelf clearer must have beat me there.

Target savings 5/15 (30%)

  • Oscar Mayer Combo Pack $3.29 (no deal)
  • Sara Lee Bread $2.29 (no deal)
Now for the deals!
  • Bacon (House Brand) $3.03 (Reg: $4.04)
Special Promotion (Get $5 Gift Card): I mentioned in my earlier post about the PF Changs/Degree deodorant deal.
  1. PF Changs ($6.99)
  2. Degree deodorant (3) @ 3.49 (used 3/$1 off coupons)
Summary of trip: $26.10 cost, real cost: $21.10 with gift card. Receipt states I saved $10.97!
And I also received a $5 gift card.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Awesome Target Deal good for 5/15 only

Today, Target has a group deal. Here are the details:
Buy any four of the items listed below:
  • Suave shampoo ($3.49)
  • Degree/Dove deodorant ($3.49)
  • Dove soap ($8.49)
  • PF Chang's frozen meals ($6.99)
  • Bertolli frozen meals ($5.89)
You will receive a $5 gift card! The reason I say the deal is only good for today is because I will be taking advantage of the deal using coupons that expire today (5/15). In the 4/17 issue of Red Plum there are coupons for the Degree deodorant. You'll get $1 off. I got three, so the deal should work like this for me.

3 Degrees (using 3 / $1 off coupons) = $7.47 total
1 PF Changs = 6.99 total
minus $5 gift card: $9.46
Total savings: 46%

I will most likely be donating the deodorant to help with the tornado victims.

Publix 5/10 shopping trip (40%/59% savings)

I went to Publix on Tuesday to be sure to catch the $50 gas card for $40 deal that ended on 5/10. I kept putting off the trip until I had to go. On this trip I purchased the following items:
  • 2 Oil of Olay Regenerist cleansing cloths (Reg. $6.99, used $3 off coupon + $2.50 Publix savings, paid $1.99)
  • 4 Lunchables (Reg. $2.00, Publix savings $1.00 each)
  • 2 Be Viola (Publix B1G1, used 2 - $1.00 coupons)
  • 2 Edward Singles Georgia Pecan Pies (B1G1, used 2 - $.50 coupons which doubled)
  • Publix Milk ($2.49. I wanted to use a Smart Milk coupon, but the Publix milk was cheaper even after I applied the $1.00 coupon for the Smart Milk)
  • Yoplait Yogurt (used $.50 off coupon which doubled)
  • 2 Oscar Mayer carving board classics (used 2/$1 coupons, Publix sale 2/$7)
  • 2 Turkey/Cheddar Lunchables (2/$6)
  • $50 Shell gas card for $40! (20% savings on gas!)
Total before coupons and Publix savings: $106.51
Savings summary (as noted on receipt)
  • Vendor coupon: $10.50
  • Store coupon: $14.50
  • Special price savings: $18.30
Total savings $43.30

My savings was 40% on this trip, without the gas card the savings would have been 59%! Not bad for a Publix trip!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Savings at Winn Dixie

Just dropped in to pick up a few things
  • 3 Oscar Mayer lunch-ables $2 each (Reg. $2.99)
  • Viola Alfredo $4 (Reg $5.79)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dollar General Deal *HOT* (53% savings) on chips

Dollar General is running a sale this week. It's buy 2 get 1 free! Then add the $2 off coupon from Sundays (5/1) insert Moments To Save and you end up with even more savings.

The bags were $3.25 each. Since I got 1 free, I saved $3.25 and then with the $2 off coupon, I ended up saving $5.25.

The chips cost me: $4.50 or $1.50 a bag.

53% savings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick CVS Trip

CVS has puffs on sale for .99/box of 68 count this week. This is a good deal. However, I went with the Kleenex Deal since I had a coupon from the April issue of All You Magazine (which by the way, is my first coupon I have used from the magazine). I purchased 2 boxes of 260 count Kleenex for $3.49, then used my .50 off coupon along with $3.50 in ECB from earlier purchases which brought my total down to 3.48.

Here is my logic:
Puffs: .99/68 = 0.01456 per sheet
Kleenex: (3.49+3.49-.50 )/520 = 0.01246 per sheet

The .99 box of Puffs is very appealing and if I had a Puffs coupon it would have been a no brainer.

Savings: .50 coupon+$3 ECB = 3.50
Total cost: $3.48

I couldn't wait until I got home to open the first box!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CVS saved 45% (Bounty/Tide Deal)

  • 1 Fruit slices candy snack
  • 1 Whitman's chocolates (50% off)
  • 1 Tide (used $1 off coupon wyb Bounty) ($1 ECB) and on sale
  • 1 Bounty (used .25 off coupon) ($2 ECB) and on sale
  • 1 Doritos
  • 1 Twizzlers (used $1 off coupon from the Red Box Kiosk)
Before savings: $34.54
After saving: $20.67 and with $3 back, it really costs $17.67

Walgreens (saved 74%)

  • 2 Right Guard 5 in 1 body wash ($4.99 BOGO, and used BOGO coupon from RP 5/1 insert which made both of them free). I have read reports nationwide about some Walgreen's locations not honoring the BOGO offer in the newspaper insert along with their own BOGO offer. The register did BEEP when my BOGO coupon was scanned, but the cashier accepted it. (final cost: FREE!)
  • 1 Bengay. Used $2 off coupon with this item.
  • EZ Flossers, not shown $2, received $2 RR on this item.
  • 4 Wal-dryl allergy medication. I had to purchase 4 of these to obtain $5 RR, but the 8oz bottles were $4 each which is a deal in itself.
  • 1 Tylenol Precise. Used $5 off manufacturer coupon AND $3 off coupon in Walgreen's May booklet which you will find at the entrance to the store. (Final cost: Free!)
Total before coupons/savings: $56.91
Total after coupons/savings: $21.98 and I got $7 RR. Real cost: $14.98!

Bounty/Tide .27 overage (Saved 101%) at CVS

Used Protector & Gamble $1 off Tide when you buy Bounty coupon. Also used .25 off coupon for Bounty. Both of these coupons are located in today's P&G insert (5/1 issue).

Tide was $5.99 (reg. $8.39) + $1 ECB
Bounty was $7.99 (reg $9.99) + $2 ECB

I also used my $10 ECB from earlier trips.

Total was $2.73 (and I walked out with $3 ECB!)