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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Target 4/16 MiniTrip (37% savings)

  • Kleenex hand towels. $2.99 each (used the insert in last Sundays paper for a B2G1 free deal)
The Kleenex hand towels was an interesting find. I went to Target to pick these up. After searching the store for the items, I finally asked an associate for help. She knew she had seen the item, but couldn't remember where they were. She asked another associate for help, she was also unable to find it. Then she asked another associate for help, she said the store was out of item, but as I was leaving another associate who was holding a scanner stopped me and asked what I was looking for. She found the item in the scanner - aisle W-24 Hoover, AL Target (By the way, this is the largest Target Supercenter in the nation) .

We went down the aisle and couldn't find the item at first. Then, we discovered the boxes tucked away between two large bags of paper towels. I picked up three and as I walked away another customer asked me, where did you find those, I've been looking all around for them. She picked up the rest of them that was left. There were only a few left, so it's not like she was a shelf clearer type shopper.

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