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Sunday, April 17, 2011

CVS Trip 4/17 (Allegra HOT Deal) (74% savings)

CVS has a great deal on Allegra this week. It was very interesting. The pharmacist recommended that I use their $2 off coupon to purchase the product. That reminded me that I saw a $7 off coupon in the paper this morning and I happened to just purchase 2 additional copies of the newspaper so make the deal at Rite Aid, where Rite Aid basically paid me to take home the Nivea Men's Bodywash. I had the those papers in the car!

The Allegra retails for $14.29. This week it is on sale for $9.99, use the $7 coupon in the 4/17 issue of Smart Source and you walk out with the product for $2.99! That helps since Allegra is now over the counter and we pay a lot more for it (out of pocket) since it is no longer covered by insurance.

One caveat, the coupon says, one coupon per transaction. So, I purchased one at the pharmacy desk and one at the front counter!

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