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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/13 CVS Trip

This is from my most recent CVS trip. I had a CVS coupon that printed out when I picked up my son's prescription on Sunday that gave me $4 off any $20 purchase and $9.50 in ECB. One of the coupons expired today so I had to take advantage of it. Not doing so felt like just throwing money away. Something that is just not cool!

I ended up picking up the ceral. It was on sale for $1.66 per box (reg. price $4.39) ! I also threw in some Orange Slice candies to satisfy my sweet tooth. I spotted a sale in CVS that I didn't see in my initial ad scan. They were selling the Air Wick iMotion scented oil room air fresheners for only $5 (reg. price: $10.79), but here's the kicker, you buy $20 worth of these products and you get $10 ECB back! It's like a buy 2, get 2 free deal! I got 4 of them.

My total out of pocket cost tonight for all of these goodies was $13.59, and I walked away with 2 more deals. I got $10ECB back from my purchase, plus $2 off Visine Eye Drops. This caused the 'Game Changer'.

On my next Rite Aid trip, I had planned on getting Visine from there and using the $2 manufacturer coupon; however, since CVS is giving me a $2 off coupon AND I can stack with the manufacturer coupon, I may end up walking out with the eye drops for nothing. So, when you consider that I received $12 in coupons that I WILL use, my real cost for this trip came out to be ($13.59 - $10 - $2 = $1.59!)

Now that's a deal! My register receipt is showing a total savings of $45.45! Not bad for $13.59 out of pocket with a real cost of $1.59!

The air fresheners are a great deal at over 50% off and the fact that they only activate when it detects movement 15 feet from the device, it will work great in a room that isn't used very often. No need in scenting a room nobody is ever in. (Maybe that's just the practically of a man speaking)

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