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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Publix Trip 4/17 (Saved 50%)

Picked up the following items:
  • Bounty Napkins
  • Bounty Paper Towels (didn't need them, but needed to buy them to get the deal with the napkins)
  • Publix Bread
  • Publix Milk (I don't know what kind of cows Barber's Milk company use, because it costs more!)
  • Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon (BOGO free, then used $1 Publix coupon)
This receipt confuses me. I was under the impression that I needed to buy the Bounty Basic to get the napkins free, but it appears that I needed to buy the Napkins to get the Paper Towels free. I was upfront with the cashier when I told her, "You don't have the 200 count Bounty Napkins, so I got the 160 count instead. Is that ok?" She said, it was fine.

Here are the results:
Store coupon savings: $9.79
Special price savings: $ 6.98
Total Savings: $16.77

My cost: $13.48 (50% savings)

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